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Property of the Week: Rent or Buy in Korcula Hill, Zrnovska Banja

By 1 June 2018

June 1, 2018 - Not so many developments get built on Dalmatian islands. There is one north of Korcula Town which has a very bright future, if you are renting or buying.

One of the things I love about my job is just how varied the days are, particularly out in the field. A day will typically be packed with lots of meetings in the same location, meeting businesses and people of interest, who are keen to show me the destination through their eyes. It means you can go from a hostel to a 5-star resort, from a cake shop to Michelin dining, from a humble cafe to a prime cocktail bar, all in the same day. It really helps to give me a fuller understanding of a location, with so much varied input from all sides. 


One area I have become particularly interested in is Zrnovska Banja, a little to the north of Korcula Town. I first visited last year as a guest at Tara's Lodge, and I noticed another development at the beginning of the bay, Korcula Hill. The development of the bay is coinciding with a plan to move the main ferry terminal to the next bay, which is due to happen in the next few years. The ferry should not affect Zrnovska Banja unduly in terms of noise, but it will certainly help with accessibility, with the commute from the ferry under two minutes. 


And with gorgeous beaches and tourism investment incoming, Zrnovska Banja's future is looking very bright indeed. 

Korcula Hill is a project from a South African with family roots to the island. Together with his Slovenian partner, he has managed to succeed where few other foreigners have, and the Korcula Hill project is expanding rapidly, both in terms of the apartments themselves, but also in the extra amenities and entertainment options that are part of the package. 


Seen from the road, Korcula Hill may come across as just a project of apartments for sale or rent, but it is much more than that. There are a few apartments still for sale - but just a few - including the one with these images above. 


That close to the water - you don't come across that very often these days. 

All the apartments come fully furnished and are done to a very high specification. They are also very spacious. I sadly did not have my camera with me when I had a look around one of the 165m2 apartments at the top of the development. I could have got lost in the apartment, but also on the fully equipped 60m2 terrace. And I was lost indeed in the divine view. 


But Korcula Hill is much more than a sales project. Indeed, the majority of apartments are being kept for rental, at the same time as extra facilities are being added to turn it into a proper quality resort, with all guests catered to onsite, from bar and restaurant... 


 to a truly gorgeous beach under concession by the company. Massages, a cocktail bar are just the start, and the owner has plans to build on the existing sporting facilities including tennis court, to provide a range of activities for its rental and purchasing clients. Existing facilities include the bar, tennis court, basketball/soccer playground, hiking and mountain bike trail and the beach with beach bar and aqua park.

Next year they will add one large pool, full restaurant and outdoor fitness area.

K HILLS - HQ-217.jpg

With plenty of space in the wooded paradise of the bay, there are plenty of options to develop this project into one of the island's top rental holiday attractions. 


We will be paying a visit later this month to catch up on progress and bring you more information, but remember the name - Zrnovska Banja - a destination with a big future. 

Learn more about what is on off at Korcula Hill here.