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After 15 Years, Jelsa's Za Krizen Monument Sees the Light of Day

By 1 April 2018

March 31, 2018 - After more than a decade in storage, the monument for Jelsa's Crossbearer's Square finds its final resting place. 

It is a project which started around the time I first came to Jelsa, back in 2003. 

A statue to commemorate the Za Krizen procession, which has taken place each Maundy Thursday in Jelsa and five surrounding villages each year for five centuries. 

A statue which was finished in 2005, but never saw the light of day. 

There were several controversies, including the cost and the look of the monument, and with some of the money paid, it remained in storage for over a decade while various politicians argued about what to do with it. 

Credit to Jelsa mayor Niksa Peronja for bringing the matter to a conclusion. Working with the regional authorities, payment has finally been made and the monument was finally erected in time for this year's procession. Total cost, according to a report in Slobodna Dalmacija - 350,000 kuna, with the costs shared between Jelsa and Split-Dalmatia County.