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Croatian Smart Bikes Win Hearts of Arabs

By 13 March 2018

Smart bikes from Pisarovina are winning the hearts (and legs) of people across continents.

The company will ship its bikes with its Dubai partner from the latest IoT solutions, at a cost of 10,000 euro.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 13th of March, 2018, Mobile Vehicle Technology (MVT) from Pisarovina near Zagreb, in partnership with Arabco Smart Technology in Dubai, opened the door to the Middle Eastern market with the smart bike Grunner X, as reported from MVT on Monday.

They are happy, they state, because this Croatian product is already recognised throughout the EU on an extremely demanding stage like that of the Middle Eastern market, as well as the fact that this bike is created in Croatia.

"Grunner X, as the first serial production model for the smart electric bicycle, is an excellent indicator of the rapid development of the IoT industry in Croatia. We currently operate with ten foreign companies that have commissioned more of our bicycles tailored to the needs and requirements of our customers," MVT founders Luka Beban and Ivan Golubić told Poslovni Dnevnik.

The journey to... America!

The final product prices, these young innovators and entrepreneurs say, largely depend on the specifications, the in-built equipment, and the software capabilities of a particular bicycle line.

"However, we can point out that the selling price of our standard model is five thousand euro, while the price of the model with maximum performance can exceed ten thousand euro. We'll soon introduce the price to the affordable version of our smart bicycle, which will retain all essential features at a price of less than three thousand euro," they say from MVT.

The Grunner X model was recently presented at the largest Middle East Symposium for New ITXPO Technology in Dubai. Its features include the latest software solution developed in collaboration with home-based companies that allows even greater range than previous versions, and even greater connectivity and compatibility with various subsystems. Grunner X can send up to 60 different parameters every half a second on the cloud platform, all allowing for advanced driving optimisation and a truly special experience.

"We're negotiating with potential US partners, but we're mostly focused on completing the development of completely new technologies that we're about to present soon. We have eight people on the team, but the number is bigger considering the number of people working on our projects within Croatian companies and trades, who are our partners,'' added Beban and Golubić.

In addition, the latest version of the Grunner Mobile smartphone application (app) has been recently released, which enables the management of all bike parameters through the user's smartphone, such as a live video stream, user experience storage, and route and bicycle configuration.

Owing to this application, users can view their routes, performance and progress in virtual races via the unique GCloud web system. These same routes can then be shared with others, your performance can be analysed, and bikes from any location in the world can be managed this way.

For Electric Bicycle Manufacturers, this system enables the proper analysis and prediction of problems, as well as a good anticipation of service needs. Additionally, in case of detection of a shift, presence, or any form of unwanted behaviour, the bicycle sends a notification to the user's smartphone about it in order to alert them to any potential undesired issues.

"Our goal is to advance and develop new technologies that will enable other manufacturers to adapt more quickly to the new industrial revolution, and the basis for this revolution is actually the Internet (IoT) and connectivity, as well as to provide users with unique technological solutions for their everyday activities,'' concluded Golubić.