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Pag Cheese by Paška Sirana Wins Two Gold Medals at Global Cheese Awards

By 11 September 2017

Another win for Pag cheese!

After Sirana Gligora won gold at the International Cheese Awards in Nantwich, Pag cheese has won two gold at the Global Cheese Awards as well, this time Paška sirana - as the best in Class: K754 - Sheep Milk Speciality and in Class: CHK - Best Sheep Milk Cheese, reports on September 11, 2017.

See the list here.

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“The competition took place in Somerset, in England. The trade and judging day took place on Thursday, September 7, and Public Show Day and the award ceremony on September 9,” Ms Martina Pernar Škunca of Paška sirana said for Index.

This is their second time competing at the Global Cheese Awards. In 2015, their Pramenko cheese won bronze.

“This award means a lot to us. We come from a small island and this is a great success, we are proud of what we do. This means that Pag cheese is becoming a globally recognised brand, famous for its quality,” Ms Pernar Škunca said.

“Paška sirana has had the longest tradition on the island of Pag, we started the story. The other two cheese factories are just as successful and I think that, by working together, we have turned Pag cheese into what it is today,” she added.

Paška sirana employs an average of 85 people, depending on the season. “Our employees are islanders. We breed cattle, we have a flock of 3,000 sheep and 20 shepherds working with them. We also produce cheese and do distribution among different departments,” Ms Pernar Škunca concluded.

They produce ten different types of cheese, but Pag cheese is definitely their most popular cheese.

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