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Croatian Students Design Melanoma Detection App

Five students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing and Faculty of Science have designed an application that can help detect dangerous skin conditions based on a photo.

An old saying we all know, "better safe than sorry" was the inspiration behind the app created by five young Zagreb University students.

When it comes to diseases such as skin cancer, prevention mostly refers to protecting the skin using sunscreen, and most people forget that regular examinations should be part of their routine, too.The harmful effects caused by exposure to UV radiation are getting worse, so regular examination is needed more and more.

Fortunately, as tportal reports, five students from Zagreb University decided to take matters into their own hands: Blaž Bagić, Ana Bertić, Roko Srđan Buč and Tin Ceraj from Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing and Nikola Jelić from Faculty of Science. When they found out that the number of skin cancer patients is on the rise, they decided to help as much as they can.

"As we were working on an image recognition algorithm, we realised that it is possible to evaluate if a mole was malign or not based on a single image," Blaž explains.

It's a mobile app - Melanoma Check, which uses a photo of the mole for assessing whether a medical intervention is needed.

"We want to raise awareness among people and help them notice the changes on their skin on time," Blaž explains, adding that they do not plan to stop in Croatia. Their target audience includes people from all over the world.

The team of five comes from the second generation of SPOCK, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing's startup incubator.

"We didn't have a photo of all five of us together, so five minutes before the SPOCK interview, we went out to the park and asked a random passer-by to take our photo for the presentation," Blaž says.

Their experience with SPOCK has been great and they believe that it will stay that way. They also recommended everyone interested in bringing their own ideas to life to contact SPOCK.


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