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First Croatian IT Company to Launch International TV Advertising Campaign

By 14 December 2015

Nanobit ready for the world stage.

Nanobit is the first Croatian IT company that will produce TV commercials and launch an international TV advertising campaign. The biggest Croatian developer of mobile games wants to significantly increase its existing player base for its games Hollywood Story and Chef Town. These two games are currently played by nearly two million users worldwide. So far, all the company's apps have been downloaded from the AppStore and Google Play more than 40 million times, reports Novilist on December 14, 2015.

With this decision, Nanobit has made a real breakthrough in Croatian IT industry. Croatian IT companies have so far generally avoided advertising on television, since they have mostly resold imported IT products in the Croatian market and such promotion strategy was too expensive for them. Alan Sumina, general manager of Nanobit, said that they have products which they had developed themselves and which are selling well on the international market. "Until recently, games Hollywood Story and Chef Town were played by 1.5 million users, and now that number is almost two million. Our goal is to significantly increase the number of players and advertising on international TV channels can be a cheaper way to reach more users, even better than advertising through Facebook", Sumina says. He adds that the first test ads will appear on certain TV channels in the UK and Canada in early 2016.

Sumina explains that Machine Zone, the developer of Game of War, and Supercell, developer of Clash of Clans, two games which have excellent market performance, have invested significantly in television advertising. "Our aim if for Nanobit to continue to grow rapidly, although it is doubtful whether we can maintain growth rates that we had in previous years", Sumina says. This is the second year that Nanobit is one of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Central and Eastern Europe.

Last year, Deloitte announced that in the last four years the company had grown by an average of 876 percent. "In 2015, according to the data we have so far, we will double last year's income. The number of employees has increased to 67 and will continue to grow", Sumina concludes. In 2014, Nanobit had revenues of 23.9 million kuna, net profits of 11.6 million kuna and 38 employees. In this IT company, half of employees are artists who draw and design the games.