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Croatian Gadget Named one of Best Tech Gifts of 2015

By 11 December 2015

Croatian umbrellas Kisha named as one of the coolest presents this holiday season

We have already reported on the global success of the Croatian brand of smart umbrellas Kisha and interviewed one of the creators Andija Čolak and this success story is getting bigger and better by the day. iPhone Life, the go to portal for all owners of cool iPhone accessories and must have gadgets, included Kisha in their Best Tech Gifts of 2015 on December 10, 2015.

According to their Tech on a Budget segment, Kisha smart umbrella, listed at $75 for the classic black model, is definitely a great "off the beaten path gift" for any tech savvy friend or relative. This is what they had to say about the world's first smart umbrella:

While far from essential, this cool present will definitely win you some creativity points. The Kisha Smart Umbrella sends a daily weather forecast to your iPhone via Bluetooth and reminds you to bring your umbrella if there is a chance of rain. It also lets you know if you are about to inadvertently forget your umbrella in a public place by sending you a notification when you leave its proximity.

Kisha umbrellas come in many great designs, they have proven they can survive even the harshest Croatian bura, as shown in the video below, and you can check out their entire range right HERE