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The project started as a side job, but is now turning into something much more serious. aims to become a platform on which thousands of family farms will directly offer their products to local and foreign buyers and become the leading source of local food on the Croatian internet, reports on March 12, 2017. directly connects family farms with customers who want to buy locally produced food. If they access via a mobile device, they also have the option of using navigation to reach the producer.

“I have always loved fine and tasty food, and I especially look forward to products which cannot be easily bought. Homemade dried figs have a special flavour, unlike those hard ones which are sold in supermarkets. The same is with homemade sausages or homemade cherry syrup. Since I do not have any family living in the countryside, the only way to buy something homemade was to go through someone else, and that requires too much effort, so it is easier to just buy something in a supermarket. I spoke about it with my co-founder Vedran Stanić, so we decided to start a website that will bring together a variety of food producers in Croatia and allow users to contact them”, said Daniel Gubić, the co-founder of (piglet).

“Some manufacturers deliver their products themselves, some use delivery services, but I think that it is best to combine business and pleasure, go to the countryside and buy the products from producers themselves”, explained Gubić. has been developed as a side project, so local producers can register for free. “'Given the fact that our core activity is developing software and web solutions for local and foreign markets such as the UK and the United States, the only financial goal for the website is sustainability”, said Gubić. “Pajcek has been developed by a young team, a graphic designer, developers and students who communicate with family farms. We have used the Wordpress content management system, with add-ons that we have developed ourselves. The biggest challenge was to find enough time, given all other business obligations that we have”, explained Gubić.

“We currently have about 300 family farms included, but a few days ago we launched a promotional campaign to encourage producers to register themselves for free”, he added. “We plan to start the testing and evaluation of products listed on our website. And, by the end of the year, we plan to bring together several thousands of active and verified family farms. The goal is to make the leading source of locally produced food within three years”, concluded Gubić.

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