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Croatian Student Invents a Solar Vehicle

By 17 October 2015

A significant environmental invention by a Croatian student. 

Without any technical or financial assistance, a student came yesterday to the Boćarski Dom in Zagreb to present his strange vehicle which he had built in his garage during the last year. Although the wheels look like they belong on a bicycle, the overall impression is of a mini-car which uses electrical power, but which during sunny days can take advantage of solar power as well, reports Jutarnji List on October 17, 2015.

"Gmobile", as it is called, can develop the maximum speed of 49 kilometres per hour. Ivan Golubić, its creator, is just one of many innovators whose work has been exhibited at the International Exhibition of Inventions ARCA 2015 in Boćarski Dom in Zagreb.

A large number of creative people, innovators and entrepreneurs, companies, secondary schools and colleges, present more than 150 of their products and inventions. Among other things, you can see a number of robots, helicopters, remote controlled lawnmowers, innovative railway security systems and "Genijator", an invention which supposedly enables fuel savings.

Ivan's vehicle is among the most attractive inventions presented. "Let's say, you park it somewhere, but you cannot remember exactly where. The application will find you its coordinates, and if you do not feel like walking, it will find the shortest way to you", explains Ivan.

Technical education is his passion from when he was just four years old, when he played with his father's hammers and planks instead of toys. The entire production of the vehicle cost about 15,000 kuna, but his efforts are invaluable. "The only thing I should work on now is the design. All investors whom I have talked with said that the design is what sells a product", explains the young innovator.

He had this idea in mind for a long time, but decided to work on it after he spent one summer interning with Mate Rimac. He is convinced that during his internship there he learned more than in all the years of formal education.

Parents and friends support him in what he does, and the neighbours are enthusiastic about his invention. He is aware that the time for such vehicles has not yet come, especially not in Croatia, but hopes that in five to ten years they will introduce a revolution in transportation.

This year's edition of the fair runs until Sunday, and is dedicated to young inventors.