Made in Croatia

Espadrilles - From Croatia With Love

Borovo teams up with fashion brand Hippy Garden...

You have no doubt heard of the popular Croatian shoe brand Borovo, duly credited for their high quality and aesthetically appealing footwear. Now Borovo have gone one step further (excuse the pun) and teamed up with a fashion brand called Hippy Garden to present the latest in a long line of imaginative, and ever creative Croatian souvenirs, in the form of flat espadrilles with gingerbread heart motifs.

Djurdica Vorkapic, fashion designer at the Hippy Garden brand states that Hippy Garden has already decorated various products, including bags, towels, T-shirts and cosmetic products, with the Croatian traditional gingerbread heart motif as part of its “From Croatia with Love” line.

The espadrilles, which are embellished with Swarovski crystals, were recently presented in Zagreb. They are hand-made from natural material, and come packaged in a recycled box with a design as unusual as the shoes themselves.

The quirky espadrilles will soon be on sale all over Croatia at the busiest shopping outlets and airports at 38 euros a pair.