CRO Survival Kit: English Talk Show Premieres Today

By 5 March 2023

March 5, 2023 - A new talk show in English, hosted by TCN's Paul Bradbury, kicks off today - meet CRO Survival Kit by 24Sata.

They come in various guises.

Tourists. Expats. Digital Nomads. Remote Workers. Returnees. Diaspora.

Foreigners and Croatians with foreign roots with an interest in Croatia, many of them living permanently in Croatia.

How does Croatia look through their eyes, and what are the issues which concern them the most here?

Always ready to leave my comfort zone, I am delighted to announce a TCN partnership with 24Sata to bring you the first (at least I think so) talk show in English discussing issues about Croatia through the eyes of foreigners and returnees. 

We begin with four guests originally from the diaspora, but now loving life in the Homeland. This is a growing trend, and you can learn more of these and many other stories in our series, Croatian Returnee Stories.

Meet Eugene and Andrian from Australia, Marijana from Canada, and Maria from Austria. They have all made the decision to return to Croatia and are all currently living happily in Zagreb. 

I hope you like the show, and your feedback is very welcome. The next show is due to go out on March 19 at midday on the 24Sata Promo channel. This second show will feature 4 digital nomads from the United States on why they chose Croatia, and what makes Croatia so magical for them. 

Future planned episodes will include doing business, accommodation, bureaucracy, finding work, cultural norms, food and drink, tourism, racism, culture, and various other topics. If you would like to appear on the show, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Subject TV, with a short para about you and the topics you would like to talk about (from the list above and/or other topics).

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