Success of Modern Methods of Cancer Treatment in Croatia

Success of Modern Methods of Cancer Treatment in Croatia

November 12, 2022 - Private healthcare in Croatia is increasingly focused on treating malignant diseases. Some modern methods of cancer treatment are already proving successful.

As Poslovni writes, the expert team of the Special Hospital Radiochirurgia Zagreb has so far had the opportunity to treat more than seven thousand patients and has analysed more than ninety thousand cases, among which all forms of cancer were represented. Lung, liver, and prostate cancers were the most common types. These figures and the latest cancer treatment achievements were presented at the 8th Croatian Surgical Congress with international activities. As part of the Congress, surgeons from leading hospitals in Heidelberg, Dallas, Tel Aviv, Athens, Liege, Basel, Ljubljana, Maribor, Belgrade, and Zagreb visited Radiochirurgia Zagreb Special Hospital in Sveta Nedelja.

"In six years of operation, Radiochirurgia Zagreb has grown into one of the leading regional and European cancer treatment centers. Using the linear accelerator Varian Edge and CyberKnife S7, which enables the treatment of cancer with the help of artificial intelligence, as well as a superbly equipped oncological-surgical theatre, the expert team of Radiochirurgia Zagreb was the first to introduce modern adaptive-hybrid surgery into practice in this part of Europe, which, in cases where it is indicated, combines classic surgery with radiosurgery and interventional radiology", they point out from the institution headed by Dragan Schwartz.

What the expert team of the Special Hospital is most proud of are the results of the treatment of pancreatic cancer, which they treated in the last five years in 340 patients, 120 of whom were diagnosed with an inoperable locally advanced form, where the survival rate for 50 percent of patients was longer than two years and 13 percent longer than four years. According to available data, this is currently the longest survival rate for this form of cancer worldwide.

At Radiochirurgia Zagreb, they believe that the hybrid approach to treatment will become more and more common in practice, and concrete cooperation with several leading institutions was also agreed upon at the congress.

Private healthcare in Croatia is increasingly focused on treating malignant diseases - this is confirmed by the announcement of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's (UPMC) investment of around 15 million euros in Zabok, based on a cooperation agreement with the St. Catherine's Special Hospital. As announced this week, the establishment of the new Center for the Treatment of Malignant Diseases in Zabok will provide Croatian patients with diagnostic and therapeutic services fully equivalent to those in the USA, in accordance with the current prices of the HZZO.

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