Karlovac Soon to Use New Hot Water Source for Heating

By 19 September 2022

September the 19th, 2022 - The City of Karlovac near Zagreb will soon be using a new hot water source for its heating needs as worries of energy crises this winter continue to plague many.

As Darko Bicak/Poslovni Dnevnik writes, in the wake of the energy crisis and the fear of what winter is set to bring in terms of heating issues, any investment in renewable energy sources is gaining additional importance, especially if it is a public partnership that will bring people some peace in terms of the price and security of their energy supply.

The most recent example is the City of Karlovac, where, at the end of last week, Geotermika's project was first presented. This company has withdrawn the necessary funds that will enable a significant step in the connection of the Karlovac's heating system to heating from its own geothermal sources.

As the director of Geotermika, Vlatko Kovacic presented the project to the city administration. A massive 5.6 million kuna came to the fore through the "Using geothermal energy for heating purposes in the City of Karlovac" project. The generous donor is the Norwegian fund EEA, and the project partner in addition to the City of Karlovac is ISOR Island.

The share of grants stands at almost 67 percent, while the City of Karlovac will co-finance the project with 1.9 million kuna. "We're starting to create a pilot project with the aim of increasing the capacity for the production and use of thermal energy from geothermal energy in the area of ​​the City of Karlovac. The end goal is to arrange the well work space to house the drilling rig and the pit for production testing of the KAGT-1 well, which will bring Karlovac even closer to increased energy production from geothermal energy and install capacities for the use of energy from said geothermal energy," explained Kovacic.

The introduction of RES will contribute to the security and diversification of the Karlovac's overall energy supply, the share of energy produced from renewable sources will increase and enable the successful transformation of the city into an ecologically sustainable area," stated Kovacic.

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