Mljet National Park Gets Prestigious INHERITURA Certificate

By 18 September 2022

September the 18th, 2022 - The gorgeous Mljet National Park in Dalmatia has obtained the prestigious INHERITURA certificate, which is awarded to destinations considered to be outstanding examples of Mediterranean sustainability.

As Morski writes, the Minister of Tourism and Sport, Nikolina Brnjac, presented the INHERITURA certificate to the director of the Mljet National Park, Ivan Srsen, and then held a working meeting with him.

As noted above, the deeply desired INHERITURA certificates are awarded to destinations that are exemplary examples of sustainability across the Mediterranean. Four Croatian destinations have successfully met the somewhat demanding criteria for the awarding of this particular label, and recently the Mljet National Park joined them as the fifth Croatian location.

INHRRITURA certificates are otherwise awarded to Mediterranean areas for sustainability and environmental protection and for the preservation and valorisation of natural heritage in coastal and marine areas, while respecting the local environment and nature. Each destination has to fully meet sixteen strict environmental protection and sustainability criteria in order to get its hands on this certificate.

''The preservation of natural heritage and biodiversity, especially in marine areas and on islands, are goals to which we must all contribute together, and the development of sustainable tourism is the absolute best basis for maintaining the tourist competitiveness of the Mediterranean,'' said Tourism Minister Nikolina Brnjac, congratulating the stunning Mljet National Park on its well-deserved recently obtained INHERITURA certificate.

Sustainable tourism and respecting nature and our environment is being promoted on an enormous global level, and when it comes to the European Union (EU) most strategies now have the digital and green transition firmly in the forefront of their plans. Croatia is a shining example of rather remarkable nature and biodiversity, and we're sure that the Mljet National Park won't be the last Croatian location to be awarded this recognition.

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