Danube Cycle Plans Aims for Development and Promotion of Cycling Tourism

By 18 September 2022

September the 18th, 2022 - The Danube Cycle Plans project hopes to increase the number of safe and secure cycle tracks throughout the Danube region, which includes Croatia. Makarska and what it has to offer cyclists is now being eyed up.

As Morski writes, there are more and more cyclists on the world's roads, with this free and environmentally friendly (not to mention healthy) method of getting from A to B being promoted across the board. It isn't only kids who need to be vigilant at all times when using the roads on two wheels, and in order to increase the number of safe cycle paths, the "Danube Cycle Plans" meeting was held in gorgeous Makarska. It was attended by representatives of nine countries of the wider Danube region as well as some of the leading experts in the field of bicycle transport and cycle tourism development from Austria, Slovenia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia and Romania.

By cycling together along the Makarska Riviera and conquering the highest peaks of the stunning Biokovo, guests had the opportunity to see part of the cycling paths in this truly beautiful area which boasts some of the most amazing views you could imagine. Representatives of the respective ministries of the aforementioned nine countries of the Danube region also exchanged their own experiences in the development of cycloturism as part of the Danube Cycle Plans meeting.

''One of the goals of the future development of the tourism strategy is the extension of the season and then year-round tourism. The activity itself, cycling or cyclotourism, wants to see an improved level of cycling infrastructure, an extension of the tourist season and some financial progress,'' said Ivica Jujnovic, the national coordinator for the development of cycling traffic across the Republic of Croatia.

Croatia wants to increase the number of bicycle paths it has, and the experiences of its European partners can help it greatly in this.

''I think that Croatia has some wonderful conditions for cycle tourism from Istria down to the Makarska Riviera and I hope that it will get better and better in the coming years,'' said Stasa Kraljic from the Ministry of Infrastructure of neighbouring Slovenia.

It's worth noting that one of the most attractive European cycling routes, Euro Velo 8, which connects Portugal with Greece, also passes through Makarska, as reported by HRT.

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