Registration Books Placed on Peaks of Montokuc and Veliki Planjak

By 12 September 2022

September the 12th, 2022 - Registration books have been placed on the peaks of Montokuc and Veliki Planjak in the gorgeous Mljet National Park in Dalmatia, with more to come.

As Morski writes, island hiking registration books have now been placed on the peaks of Montokuc and Veliki Planjak, with the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (HGSS) and rangers of Mljet National Park having placed boxes with the aforementioned registration books in them for hikers on the most visited peaks in Mljet National Park. They will also soon be installed on the island's highest peak, the 514metre-high Veliki grad.

Cooperation with the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service on Mljet has been going on for many years now, and it was formalised through a joint European Union (EU) project whose goal was to improve the visitor infrastructure and the safety of visitors of their partner, NP Mljet, along with the Mljet Tourist Board and Desa, by whom the Croatian Mountain Rescue branch was equipped. The premises for the branch were provided by the Municipality of Mljet itself.

There are over 200 kilometres of hiking and mountaineering trails at Mljet National Park, and over more recent years, the season during which foreign visitors start descending on the island has been as early as March, lasting all the way until the end of October. Outside of the main summer months, most visitors are active lovers of the nature of Croatia's greenest and one of the most hilly islands.

The duties of the Croatian Mountain Rescue teams in Mljet are otherwise regulated by the contract between JU NP Mljet and HGSS, and they last from the beginning of June to the end of September each year.

This year's on-call activities at Mljet National Park will end on October the 8th with the Mljet Trail race. The race will connect the most attractive trails and viewpoints of the national park in three categories (6 km, 13 km and 23 km), with height differences of 197m, 527m and 841m.

Participant registrations for the Mljet Trail are now open, and you can find out more about the race by clicking here.

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