City of Split Refuses to Issue Amended Building Permit for "Dalmatia Tower"

By 30 August 2022

ZAGREB, 30 August, 2022 - The city authorities in Split have refused to provide the Westgate Tower company with an amended building permit for the Dalmatia Tower high-rise building, the construction of which will soon be completed.

The layout of the last floor, as shown in the documentation submitted for the building permit, differs from the present state of affairs, but it is not a big difference, the head of the city's department for zoning and environment protection, Teo Vojković, said on Tuesday.

However, the departure from the initial layout was to such an extent that it required consent from the mayor whose opinion should be corroborated by the prior opinion of experts, according to Vojković's explanation. He said that also some steps in the procedure were not taken which resulted in the refusal of the amended building permit. 

Mayor Ivica Puljak (Centre) writes on his Facebook page that the same rules will be applied to all, including big investors.

The refusal to issue the amended building permit comes just weeks before the expected technical inspection of the 135-metre-high office building and its official opening, set for this autumn.