First Row to the Sea! Fiat Driver Parks in Shallows on Murter Beach

By 29 August 2022
First Row to the Sea! Fiat Driver Parks in Shallows on Murter Beach

August the 29th, 2022 - We all want to be as close to the sea as possible when summer arrives in Croatia and the temperatures become, frankly, intolerable. Some people take this to the absolute extreme, however, parking their cars quite literally on the beach, with the shallows of the sparkling, refreshing Adriatic Sea lapping at their alloys. One Murter beach was recently a victim of such parking.

As Morski writes, an unfortunate lack of intelligence and an even more lack when it comes to adequate punishments for people parking all over the place during the summer months have led to an increasing number of bizarre incidents all along the Adriatic coast. One Murter beach which should have been full of swimmers, those keen to get a bit of a tan and those seeking to relax with a good book under a parasol was visited by a car.

On Facebook page called ''Live from Slavonia's roads'' recently published photos from one Murter beach where a tourist took the expression "first row to the sea" a little too literally, parking his Fiat Grande Punto car literally in the shallows on the beach. It seems that some people will quite literally stop at nothing to get in the crystal clear waters of the Croatian Adriatic Sea, and why would you bother clambering over rocks and getting yourself overheated when you can quite simply drive directly into the sea?

"Greetings... this isn't somewhere in Slavonia, it's Murter... I couldn't resist not sending this picture to someone... So that everyone can see how rude and arrogant people have become...'' the post which contained the photos read, with an array of comments echoing the sentiments of just how pompous some people can be, especially when it's every man for himself when it comes to getting a good spot on the beach!

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