Foreign Police Officers in Croatia Get to Work on Brac Island

By 25 August 2022

August the 25th, 2022 - Foreign police officers often appear in Croatia as part of a wider project of which the Republic of Croatia is a part. Brac island has recently been richer for several foreign officers who made themselves available to visitors.

As Morski writes, foreign police officers from Poland, Slovakia, France, Germany and Italy have been on Brac island in Central Dalmatia as part of the "Safe Tourist Destination" project recently.

As part of the "Safe Tourist Destination" project, the group of foreign police from the aforementioned group of countries accompanied by a police officer from the Chief's Office and police officers from the Brac Police Station visited Brac island yesterday. Their host was the head of the Brac Police Station, Zarko Smajic, who was their guide.

The group of foreign police officers toured the town of Supetar, where they also met with the mayor of the town of Supetar, Ivana Markovic, who welcomed them warmly to this very popular island. In the municipality of Postira, they met with the mayor, Sinisa Marovic. Leaders of local communities have long since supported this unique project of the Ministry of the Interior (MUP), which enables foreign police officers to stay and work in the Republic of Croatia during the main summer tourist season.

During their stay on Brac island, the foreign police officers talked with foreign tourists about various different topics.

During their engagements with others in public places, the police made themselves readily available to foreign tourists, all with the aim of providing information and advice to make their stay in Croatia even more pleasant.

The Republic of Croatia is a safe tourist destination and is recognised as such all over the world, and this was once again emphasised by foreign tourists in their conversation with foreign police officers on Brac island.

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