Important Scan Can Now be Done Privately with HZZO Footing the Bill

By 13 August 2022

August the 13th, 2022 - There have been some absolutely horrific stories about the state of the Croatian healthcare system of late, and so it might seem as if nothing within the four walls of a hospital can be trusted. While that is absolutely not true at all, it is more than understandable that people fear potential illness. Some good news is that HZZO will now foot the bill for a test that can be done in a private facility, without all of the long waiting times typically associated with busy, overworked state hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Magnetic resonance imaging, commonly known as MRI, can reveal an extremely wide array of issues going on within the human body in a remarkably clear way. This type of scan is used for all sorts of health issues, and the waiting times associated with them are sometimes bafflingly long. A new plan for which HZZO (Croatian Health Insurance Fund) will gladly foot the bill may relieve some of that pressing problem, which is an issue for both hospitals and of course for the patients.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, in order to reduce the usually extremely long national waiting list for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), HZZO came to what will be to most a very welcome decision on entering into a contract with Medikol Polyclinic.

As reported by the aforementioned polyclinic, according to that decision, HZZO will provide the Medikol Polyclinic with a list of patients who are on the waiting list for MRI scans in hospitals for a variety of different reasons, and the Medikol Polyclinic will provide them with magnetic resonance imaging through a referral by December the 31st, 2022. MRI scans carried out via this new agreement with HZZO will be available in Zagreb, Cakovec, Split and Osijek.

''We will be able to accept referals only from those patients who are already on waiting lists for MRI scans in hospitals and are on the list provided by HZZO,'' they wrote from Medikol when it announced the new plan on its Facebook page.

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