Safe Journalists and HND Condemn Threats to Zadarski List Reporter

By 11 August 2022

ZAGREB, 11 August, 2022 - The Safe Journalists network and the Croatian Journalists' Association (HND) on Thursday condemned threats against a reporter for the Zadarski List, Toni Perinić, who was investigating a case of a tourist scam, with the associations calling on competent institutions to punish the perpetrator as soon as possible.

The Safe Journalists network said that Perinić, who is 21, received threats while investigating online tourist complaints, as well as those sent to the local tourism board, about an apartment renter from Privlaka.

The associations added that the reporter was threatened by the renter's father, who, among other things, told Perinić to "be careful what he writes because it could cost him."

"The Croatian Journalists' Association strongly condemns the threats received by our colleague, whom we fully support," said HND President Hrvoje Zovko.

He added that this case is another indicator of the atmosphere in which reporters of local media outlets work.

The Safe Journalists network said the threats were made when Perinić went to photograph the apartments in question for his article.

The journalist was investigating complaints by guests from whom the apartment owner asked for an advance payment of HRK 500, and then cancelled the reservations for various reasons.

The apartment owner's father allegedly took down the number plate of the car Perinić was driving and found Perinić's father's phone number, and made the threats over the phone.

Zadar police have said that a criminal investigation has been completed against the 54-year-old man who threatened Perinić and that a criminal report is about to be filed with prosecutorial authorities.