Three Out of Four Croatians Planning to Go on Summer Holidays

By 3 July 2022
Three Out of Four Croatians Planning to Go on Summer Holidays
Photo: Ivo Cagalj/PIXSELL

ZAGREB, 3 July 2022 - The findings of a survey conducted by the IMPROVE pollster for the Mastercard company among 1,010 respondents in Croatia show that 74% of them are planning summer holidays.

This is an increase of 20 percentage points compared to the pandemic year 2020.

Broken down by type of accommodation, a majority of the respondents prefer private accommodation, that is 52% of those polled in the Masterindex survey.

Thirty-five percent (35%) are planning to stay at at their own summer retreats or at their relatives' properties.

Hotel accommodation comes third (18%), and mainly respondents with monthly wages above 9,000 kuna choose this option.

A mere 7% of Croats opt for camping during summer holidays.

As many as 56% of the respondents say they have booked accommodation online, via specialised web sites and websites of travel agencies.

Cosmin Vladimirescu, Country Manager Romania and Croatia at Mastercard, is quoted as saying that before a final decision on booking, an average tourist visits 38 websites of relevant agencies or specialised sites.

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