Karlovac Aquatika Presents Aquarium Washing Robot

By 19 June 2022
Karlovac Aquatika Presents Aquarium Washing Robot
Image: Aquatika - Slatkovodni akvarij Karlovac/Facebook

ZAGREB, 19 June 2022 - In the future a robot will replace divers in doing the work of cleaning the glass of the Aquatika aquarium in Karlovac after the aquarium's management purchased a robot that it will improve, speed up and simplify cleaning and thus reduce the costs.

The new equipment worth HRK 35,000 was presented on last Wednesday by Aquatika director Margarita Maruškić Kulaš, who explained that paying divers was expensive, dangerous and slow, which is why she expressed satisfaction with the purchase of a robot she believes will also arouse interest among visitors.

A call will be published soon on social networks for proposals to name the robot-washer.

Until now, aquarist Marin Jarnjak has been diving with oxygen tanks and cleaning the inside of the glass, which was an additional attraction at Aquatika.

Now he will rarely have to and most of the time the pool will be cleaned by remotely controlling the robotic cleaner.

"Most futurologists predict that in 20 years we will live in smart cities and smart apartments, which will be managed by artificial intelligence and will adapt the living space to the wishes and habits of the household and routine work will be done by robots, and people will do more sophisticated and creative work. Aquatika is following that path,” concluded Maruškić Kulaš.

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