ZAG Flybrary Open Access Library Launches at Franjo Tuđman Airport

ZAG Flybrary Open Access Library Launches at Franjo Tuđman Airport
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May 27, 2022 - The new ZAG Flybrary gives travelers access to a free library in the international departures area of Franjo Tuđman Airport.

As of yesterday, passengers on international flights at Zagreb Airport can keep busy with books while waiting to board their next flight and stay entertained during their trip by reading library books that don't require prior registration or a membership fee, reports Croatian Aviation.


ZAG Flybrary is a free library based on open access and sharing principles and is located in the international departures area of Franjo Tuđman Airport. A tense thriller, historical or love novel, poetry collection, or something similar can be taken off the shelf by travelers for free, and if they have a book they have already read with them, they can leave it and give others a chance to enjoy it. The basic rule is - Do you need one? Take one. Do you have one? Leave one.


The project was designed by librarians Nika Matković Mikulčić and Tito Kliska. It was realized in cooperation with the Libraries of the City of Zagreb and the City Library of Velika Gorica. It is also a project that is an example of good collaboration with institutions from the immediate local community, which is one of the essential determinants of socially responsible business at Zagreb International Airport.

The ZAG Flybrary collection currently has almost 700 titles in Croatian and several foreign languages. It includes various genres - from romance, science fiction and thrillers, travelogues, and biographies, to novels and stories intended for children.

The idea of the project is to make the book a free medium and support the exchange of knowledge and entertainment in a free, simple, and ultimately environmentally friendly way.

"To keep track of the destinations our books travel to and where the new titles came from, we invite travelers to use the hashtag #ZAGFlybrary and share their content with us on social media," the Zagreb airport said in a statement.

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