SplitX Summit: An Exclusive Gathering of XR, Metaverse, and Web3 Experts

May 19, 2022 - What happens when you invite an exclusive group of experts and leaders, put them in a venue like no other, and immerse them in a program designed to maximize creative collaboration? Many would call it a fantasy. They call it SplitX Summit. 

Held in Split's most stunning locations like Diocletian's Palace, Prokurative, Klis Fortress, and more, SplitX Summer is held from May 27 to 29, as a gathering of XR, Metaverse, and Web 3 experts. 

The Summit traditionally gathers the world’s greatest minds as a way to foster relationships and drive new opportunities with lasting impact far beyond the event. Featuring panels, fireside chats, parties, and outdoor excursions, the Summit topics are also crowdsourced, meaning members can suggest the topics they want the group to discuss at the event, with a collective decision on the final topics.

The event this year is kicking off with pre-Summit activities as a warmup before the main event. It all begins on May 21 at noon with the incredible Anouk Wipprecht, a fashion-tech designer who has worked on many projects and partnered with companies such as American multinational technology company INTEL, software producer Autodesk, internet giants Google and Microsoft, car brand AUDI, crystal creator Swarovski, and leading 3D printing innovators amongst others. Anouk researches and develops how future wardrobes would look by embedding technology into what we wear.

A lecture on Anouk’s work in the fashion tech industry will be held for girls aged 8 to 16, followed by questions and answers. During the workshop, participants will learn to build, engineer, code & test electronic kitty ears! Limited to 10 participants, you can register at

Furthermore, prominent Croatian personal trainer Dalibor Petrinić will host a workshop on May 23! 

After 18 years of researching the human body and its abilities, he reached his maximum potential and shared his tricks with the public thanks to his online presence and three best-selling books. This two-day on-site workshop will uncover what participants are capable of and how to reach more productivity in everyday life. You can find more information here:

Pre-summit activities also include a hillside wine tasting experience at a 300-year-old winery and a sightseeing tour of ancient Salona and the Jadro River to discover Dalmatia's history and gastronomy! 

All information about the SplitX Summit can be found here

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