Shocking Split Taxi Experience Turns Positive thanks to Help of Local Facebook Group

May 18, 2022 - One shocking Split taxi experience made a turn for the better thanks to the help of the local community. 

Those in Split know that the tourist season came a bit earlier than usual this year - especially when we consider we're enjoying 28 degrees in May. But, unfortunately, we can't kick off the season without the horror taxi stories we know so well from the past, with some tourists already desperate for help after forking out cash for mindboggling fares. Like Emma Watkinson.

Emma shared her unpleasant taxi experience in the uber-popular Facebook group "Split Croatia Travel 2022", which has 9.7K members - a mix of locals, expats, tourists currently in Croatia, and those planning on traveling to Split. As Emma explained, she took a taxi from the city center, near Roof 68, at the beginning of the Tourist Palace on Monday evening. 

"Last night, I grabbed a taxi from the Split city centre, at a taxi rank in the region near Roof 68 bar. The journey was approximately 10 minutes back to the apartment, and the taxi driver has charged us £71, rather than £7.10. Given this was a random taxi amongst a taxi rank, it’s proven impossible to track this particular taxi, given ‘Dalmatia travel’ doesn’t relate back to a particular firm. Has this happened to anyone before? Any help would be really appreciated," Emma posted in the Facebook group. 


According to the CNB exchange rate, one pound is 8.91 kuna. This means that the taxi driver charged a dizzying 630 kuna for a ten-minute ride instead of approximately 63 kuna.

Emma wondered if a similar situation had already happened to someone. Members of the group tried to help her find the owner of the taxi company, others suggested waiting in the spot she picked up the taxi to find the driver, while others urged her to use secure platforms like Uber where the cost of travel is clearly calculated.

"A few days ago they charged over 900 kuna from the Bus station to the Airport. Same as last summer. A few years ago they charge my guest for a 3-minute drive during the rainy day 200 kuna, and it was without a bill."

"Shame on the driver, always ask for the price estimate in advance!"

"Why didn't you use Uber?" 

"I’m ashamed. This shouldn’t have happened. It’s an exception, though, most people are honest." 

And one taxi company showed just how honest they are. 

"I'm sorry about what happened to you, my company has been providing taxi services for the last few years in this city... As a company director to you as a guest and visitor to our city I would offer you a FREE TRANSFER to the airport at the expense of our company to keep Croatia in your good memory...We don't want people to have a misconception about legal taxi drivers who do their job fairly

Feel free to contact me directly at wapp +385915276145 or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.."

Well done to Call Taxi Split! 

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