20th Queer Zagreb to Take Place Between 24 May and 5 June

By 15 May 2022
20th Queer Zagreb to Take Place Between 24 May and 5 June
Image: Pixabay

ZAGREB, 15 May 2022 - The 20th edition of the Queer Zagreb festival will take place between 24 May and 5 June at several venues in the city, with 100 artists and activists from around the world dealing with a wide range of topics, including sex work, global violence, the body against nationalist violence and the embrace.

The festival will open with the Croatian premiere of "Yira, Yira", a performance directed by Bruno Isaković and Nataša Rajković, at the Croatian National Theatre on 24 May. It was created in collaboration with performers, sex workers and queer activists from Argentina. Through their stories, Juan Ejemplo, Leandra, Pichón Reyna and Sofía Tramazaygues portray sex work through the interplay of personal choices and circumstances, work conditions, demand and supply in an open market, margins and centres of power, desires and realities.

Among the 100 artists and activists will be Cuban Carlos Martiel who will perform "Velo de Silencio" at the Museum of Contemporary Art on 27 May, a performance focusing on structural racism and political systemic violence against all socially marginalised bodies.

"The fact that we have reached the 20th edition of Queer Zagreb shows that queer art and queer as an art topic is quite current and that to many people it is important to continue to speak about what sometimes makes us all different," said Zvonimir Dobrović, the art director of Queer Zagreb.

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