Green Future Conference in Split: Learn How to Fund Your Company's Green Transition

May 9, 2022 - On 9 and 10 June, attendees of the Green Future Conference will have the opportunity to learn how to incorporate green transition principles into their business and stay on top of the game, how to recognize the best players and emulate them, and how to make the green transition principles work towards boosting their top and bottom line. 

The green transition is becoming the backbone of strategic thinking in every single economic activity and industry. Having set the target to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 and reduce net emissions by 55% by 2030 compared to 1990, the European Union has become a global leader in terms of sustainability. No area of business, public policy, and everyday life will be able to sidestep the changes that are calling for an increase in energy efficiency and in the share of renewable energy sources, stricter rules on emissions trading, new means of transport and infrastructure, adjustment of tax policies, and new habits in general. The process is neither simple nor cheap so the Green Future Conference, powered by Rimac and Infobip that will be held on 9 and 10 June in Split, is bringing together international and local experts who will share their ideas on how to fund business changes, attract investment, and ensure your company gains and retains a competitive edge. 


Victoria Zinchuk has been the Head of the Croatian EBRD Office (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) since November 2018. She has advised, developed, and managed the financing of projects that have cumulatively yielded more than a billion euros for local and multinational clients in various countries. EBRD is involved in the financing of Split’s Green City Action Plan through their Green Cities programme. Since 2016, EBRD has supported more than 40 European cities that are developing and implementing green plans in the context of improving the quality of life, environment and resilience to climate changes.

Anders Frostenson has two decades of experience building digital experiences, products, and services. He has held executive positions in Stockholm, London, and New York and managed a fund of EUR 10 million supporting entrepreneurs around the world. Anders leads Ernst&Young's Sustainable Product and Service Innovation in the EMEA region to bring together talent and companies to work together on key innovations for a better future. He is an active angel investor and advisor to several startup companies in the global digital market.

Andrej Grubišić is one of the leading corporate finance authorities in Croatia. He runs a boutique company specialising in investment banking, Grubišić & Partners, whose 11 experts provide consulting services in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, raising capital, and business valuation. Not only does Andrej have a wealth of experience in corporate finance, but is also an active member of the academic community. 

Anne Lise Rognlidalen is a programme director at Innovation Norway, the Norwegian government’s most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian companies and industry, which includes financing and capacity building toward green transition. She has extensive experience in managing various grant schemes in Norway and other countries and is currently managing business development programmes funded by EEA and Norway Grants in Croatia and Greece. In the 2014-2021 Perspective, EUR 22 million was earmarked for Croatian private sector projects through the Business Development and Innovation Croatia programme. 

Balázs Pál Békeffy became President of the Management Board of OTP Bank in 2011, and after the acquisition of Splitska banka he became president of one of the five largest banks in Croatia. OTP Bank is the gold sponsor of the Green Future Conference, and it will also have its board member Zvonimir Akrap join the conference. Mr Akrap is in charge of corporate banking and financial markets and has more than 15 years of managerial experience at Splitska banka. 

 "Green transition is the only way to ensure the sustainability of the economy and society. It is not a question of whether it is needed, but how quickly and wisely we can implement it. No one can do this on their own - dialogue, exchange of experiences, joint development of innovations, and cooperation are crucial for success. Banks are eager to learn about the industry and government plans and visions of green development, as this will be the foundation of our sustainable financing plans. OTP Bank is rapidly incorporating ESG criteria into its business and we value every opportunity to discuss it further with our stakeholders.  That is why I am looking forward to participating in the Green Future Conference and I believe that the conference will prove to be inspiring for everyone concerned"- said Balázs Békeffy, President of the OTP Bank’s Management Board. 

Zvonimir Akrap, a member of the OTP Bank’s Management Board commented on the role of the banking sector, emphasizing the following: "The banking sector is recognized as a key element in the pursuit of sustainability and we are expected to very quickly devise a way to ensure the financing of the green transition. We are heavily invested in that respect, but we must all be aware that this journey will result in a major transformation of the economy and therefore is one we must all embark on together. To conclude, sustainable development and financing are a long game that nevertheless requires fast and efficient planning for long-term impacts, even though the circumstances that are challenging for both the economy and the banks. Building a sound framework for sustainable financing is contingent on the ability of companies to draw up their green plans boldly and realistically, and the ability of banks to understand and recognize their role and opportunities. OTP Bank will be ready to serve as a reliable partner to our clients so that we can achieve sustainable goals together."

Ivana Gažić, President of the Zagreb Stock Exchange Management Board, will also be among the speakers at the Green Future Conference. Zagreb Stock Exchange is the leading capital market developer in the region which maintains a transparent, secure, profitable, and efficient market while obtaining the highest quality capital market services to meet the needs of investors, issuers, and stakeholders. Ms Gažić believes that the green transition is a topic that has finally been given proper attention: 

"An increasing number of citizens are changing their habits, but they have every right to expect the politics and the local community to support them and build the infrastructure needed to facilitate environmentally-friendly behaviour. It is safe to say that the investors cannot get enough of companies tinted green.  There are still relatively few such companies around, but trends are changing very quickly and the investors’ demands are driving the changes in the behaviour of companies. The Green Future Conference is a great opportunity to learn how to incorporate green transition principles into one’s business, how to recognize the best players and emulate them, and how to make the green transition principles work towards boosting the top line as well as the bottom line. 


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The Green Future Conference is a climate-neutral event powered by the two largest Croatian technology companies, Rimac and Infobip. Gold sponsors are OTP Bank, A1, and Bosch, while regular sponsors are Daikin, Končar, and E&Y. Friends of the Conference are Daikin, Professio energija, Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, City of Split, and FC Hajduk. The Conference is also supported by Dwelt, Eutopia, GBC HUB, Croatian Green Building Council, Strujni krug, Business Psychology Lab, and the School of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Split. The organizational partners are Profico, Vajt, and Poduzetnik.