One in Five Croatian Citizens Eat Meat Everyday

By 8 May 2022
One in Five Croatian Citizens Eat Meat Everyday
Image: Pixabay

ZAGREB, 8 May 2022 - One in five Croatian citizens eat meat every day, 69% eat it several times a week, and chicken and pork are the most consumed ones, a survey by the JaTrgovac magazine and the Hendal market research agency shows.

According to the survey, 7.6% of respondents eat meat several times a month and 1.6% do so rarely. It also shows that almost 98% of the population are meat eaters.

Chicken is most often consumed by 55.1% of citizens, followed by pork (31.8%), veal (9.7%), turkey (2.6%) and lamb (0.8%).

As for preference, 39.3% of respondents love chicken the most, followed by pork (21.3%), veal (17.1%) and lamb (15.3%). Turkey is the favourite meat of 4% of respondents.

As for cured meat, the most consumed one is bacon (33.5%), followed by sausage (19.7%) and ham (16.8%).

Bacon is the favourite cured meat of 29.1% of respondents, followed by prosciutto (28%), ham (12.8%) and sausage (12.5%).

The survey was conducted in March and the respondents were aged 16 and older.

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