Association Calls on Croatians to Join Digital Cleanup Day

By 19 March 2022
Association Calls on Croatians to Join Digital Cleanup Day
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ZAGREB, 19 March 2022 - The Žmergo association on Saturday called for the deletion of all unnecessary files, apps, photos and videos so that we can reduce our digital footprint and consequently negative consequences for the environment.

The appeal is issued on the occasion of Digital Cleanup Day, observed on 19 March.

This Opatija-based association says that in the last two years, the global population has produced more data than all the civilisations, and that "each year the internet and its supporting systems produce 900 million tons of CO2." 

In the digital world, similar to the environment, there is a huge amount of trash. Unnecessary emails, files, apps, duplicates of photos and videos are all digital waste. This digital trash creates digital pollution that continues to consume energy.

The global action for cleaning digital trash is organised by the Let's Do It World (LDIW) association.

This world-changing idea began in Estonia in 2008.

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