70 Buildings Undergoing Retrofitting, Decision for Another 400 Adopted

By 17 March 2022
70 Buildings Undergoing Retrofitting, Decision for Another 400 Adopted
Image: HDZ/Facebook screenshot

ZAGREB, 17 March 2022 - Two years after the Zagreb earthquake, 70 buildings are undergoing retrofitting on their own and decisions have been made for about 400 buildings to be reconstructed under the Reconstruction Fund scheme in March, April and May, Deputy Zagreb Mayor Luka Korlaet said on Thursday.

"Concerning those 70 buildings, their inhabitants organised themselves, took loans and started with the reconstruction, counting on being refunded by the Reconstruction Fund," Korlaet explained, adding that that was legitimate however the state has to increase the number of decisions through the Ministry and the Fund.

Answering reporters' questions Korlaet said he wasn't satisfied with the pace of reconstruction, two years on since the earthquake which hit Zagreb and northwestern Croatia on 22 March 2020.

"When speaking about the retrofitting of private buildings - a large number of decisions have been made by the ministry and the fund and they are now being implemented," he underscored.

In March and April, works will already be visible.

As far as reconstruction of public buildings is concerned the city authorities are stronger in that regard. "Reconstruction is underway of buildings owned by the city and we are doing the best we can for that to progress at some sort of normal pace," he said.

He underscored that the majority of schools have been reconstructed, with four elementary and eight secondary schools to go.

Koralet announced that it's now time for other public buildings such as theatres and museums and also health institutions.

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