Croatian Bus Carriers Available to Croatian Government for Ukrainian Refugees

By 28 February 2022
Croatian Bus Carriers Available to Croatian Government for Ukrainian Refugees
Damir Spehar/PIXSELL

February 28, 2022 - The largest Croatian bus carriers, Arriva and Čazmatrans, as well as other carriers included in the Association of Croatian Bus Liner Carriers (UHAJLP), announced that due to the situation in Ukraine and the increased number of refugees from the war zone, they are ready to make their fleet available to the Government of the Republic of Croatia, the Civil Headquarters, and the Croatian Civil Cross to provide the highest quality and fastest possible assistance.

The carriers are ready to hand over their buses and drivers to transport refugees from Ukrainian border areas to Croatia.

"The refugee crisis is at the door; we are currently witnessing huge crowds and hundreds of thousands of people fleeing Ukraine in various ways. We want to contribute to human resources and vehicles because it is our responsibility and the only way refugees can be organized and efficiently transferred from the Ukrainian border to designated locations in Croatia. Numerous counties have announced that they already have prepared capacities to accommodate hundreds of victims. We, therefore, call on them to contact us in coordination with the Civil Headquarters so that we can transfer more refugees to the locations they have envisioned. We are also at the disposal of the Government of the Republic of Croatia for everything else that is needed to resolve this crisis," said Dražen Divjak, General Manager of Arriva in Croatia, on behalf of the Association of Croatian public bus companies.

UHAJLP brings together large and small domestic private companies that make up the domestic transportation system with huge capacities, thousands of buses, and over 8000 workers. It is a system of strategic importance for the Republic of Croatia and would have been difficult to survive during the pandemic if the Government had not preserved it with its measures for the last two years. Carriers are also partners with much of the local and regional self-government. They are now ready to give back to the community in which they operate through assistance in resolving at least part of the Ukraine refugee crisis. 

Source: Dalmacija Danas

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