New Skate Park Opening on Hidrobaza Beach in Pula

By 17 February 2022

February 17th, 2022 - Construction works are drawing to a close at Hidrobaza beach in Pula, which is getting several new facilities including a skate park, a climbing wall and cycling areas

Hidrobaza beach in Štinjan, Pula has been renovated in stages since 2016, when three breakwaters were built to shield the beach from strong waves and ensure retention of loose gravel.

The place has a lot to offer, including a dog-friendly beach, an accessible area for people with disabilities, shower stalls and other related facilities. There’s also a promenade, a children’s playground, a basketball court, and several hospitality facilities in the area.

As reported by Glas Istre, this year's investments in the amount of HRK 2.1 million are financed by the City of Pula without any additional funding from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports.

The skate park is almost ready to open, with the last of the works completed two days ago. As the freshly poured concrete has yet to dry, the park is still fenced and watched by security guards.

Construction was carried out by the Cesta company, assisted by the company Tonbe from Zagreb, the latter specialising in construction of concrete skateparks and special elements for extreme sports manifestations and events.

Members of the August Šenoa Skateboard Club jumped in to help as volunteers. The biggest skate club in the county is also known for establishing the Vladimir Film Festival, an international event centered around skateboarding culture which put Fažana town on the international skateboarding map.

‘This is a phenomenal skate park. It’s pure California. The sea is 20 metres away, you can nearly make the jump off your skateboard’, said Nikola Racan, an experienced skater and one of the founders of Vladimir Film Festival.

‘It’s perfect. It spans over 500 square metres, it’s not too big or too challenging, and it has a lot of surface. This made Hidrobaza the best place in Croatia. It’s going to be really popular, and it’ll be interesting to see who’ll be having more fun, kids or adults’, added Racan.

For years now, Racan has also been involved in another project, a long-promised and much desired skate park in Fažana near Pula. The plans and designs are there, but the municipality hasn’t shown understanding, although the skater scene in Fažana is one of the most prominent in Croatia. It’s believed that a new skate park would help extend the tourist season in Fažana, as the town could host events that would attract skaters from all over the world.