Croatia's Average Take-Home Pay for November €977

By 20 January 2022
Croatia's Average Take-Home Pay for November €977

ZAGREB, 20 Jan 2022 - The average take-home wage earned in Croatia in November totaled HRK 7,333 (€977.7), rising 6.8% in nominal terms and 1.9% in real terms in comparison to the average salary in November 2020, the national statistical office (DZS) reported on Thursday.

The average wage rose 2.7% in nominal terms and two percent in real terms from October 2021.

The median net pay in November was HRK 6,149, which means that half of the people employed earned wages below that amount, and half earned wages above that amount.

From the start of the year until the end of November 2021, the average take-home pay in legal entities amounted to HRK 7,115 which was an increase of 5.5% nominally and 3.1% in real terms, on the year.

(€1 = HRK 7.519819)

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