Lost Your Croatian Driving License or License Plate? Here's What To Do

By 31 December 2021

December the 31st, 2021 - If you've lost your Croatian driving license, or any other document that it is necessary to have here, you'll know the headache involved in a country which just loves lines and paperwork. What about if you've lost your actual license plate from your car? Here's what you need to do in either situation, made clear.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, according to the official instructions issued by the Ministry of the Interior (MUP), the loss or disappearance (and discovery) of a Croatian driving license issued either here in Croatia or in another country in the European Economic Area needs to be reported, without delay, to the nearest administrative police station. A request for the issuance of a new Croatian driving license should then be submitted at the same place.

The request can be submitted at any time, as there is no deadline for obtaining a new document of this type. The application form will be printed out by the clerk at the counter, and the applicant must then confirm the accuracy of all of the printed data with their signature placed on the form, writes HAK.

The applicant for a new Croatian driving license must enclose the following:

If the original Croatian driving license was issued in another EEA member state, proof from the competent authority of the issuing country that the person was issued a driving license from their national authorities must be enclosed.

One photograph measuring 35 × 45 mm. It is not necessary to attach a photo if the applicant has been issued (within the last five years) a biometric passport, an electronic identity card, an identity card containing their OIB or if they had a Croatian driving license (or one from the EEA) issued since the 4th of September 2017, for the publication of which a photograph was already attached, and the appearance of the person hasn't significantly changed.

Proof of payment of the administrative fee in the amount of 151 kuna. Payment can be made via payment slip or via internet banking. Under the description of the payment, it is necessary to state ''state administrative fees/drzavne upravne pristojbe'' and the payment should be made to the IBAN of the state budget, which is as follows: HR1210010051863000160, model HR64, reference number 5002-713-OIB.

Please note that any administrative fees in the amount of up to 100 kuna can be paid in state notaries.

Proof of payment of 151 kuna (regular procedure), 200 kuna (accelerated procedure) or 450 kuna (urgent procedure) for a Croatian driving license issuance form via a payment slip issued at the administrative police station, general payment slip or via internet banking, to the IBAN of the state budget: HR1210010051863000160, model HR65, reference number 7005-477-OIB.

With regard to registration/license/number plates, the owner of the vehicle is also obliged to report their disappearance, without delay, to the police. The fine for failing to do so is 300 kuna. They will then be provided with a police certificate which will remain valid for a period of 30 days, and when applying, people need to bring the following:

Proof of the vehicle in question's ownership
A valid ID card

A new license plate can be requested the next day at the vehicle inspection station. The police have also warned that if one plate is missing from the car, it is usually a loss, but if both are missing, they've probably been stolen, which is a criminal offense.

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