Fuzine Property Becoming Hit in Croatia as Asking Prices Increase

By 29 December 2021
Fuzine Property Becoming Hit in Croatia as Asking Prices Increase
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December the 29th, 2021 - Fuzine property might not be the first on your list when it comes to purchasing real estate or land in Croatia, with the glitz and glam of the Dalmatian coast being most people's first port of call. Could things be altering?

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, a mere two kilometres from gorgeous Lake Bajer in Fuzine, four building plots are currently up for sale. The current owner bought them all twenty years ago, each of them covers over a thousand square metres, one just one euro 50 purchased a square metre in this location back then.

"Now there's a road and a water connection and an electricity connection and the price is now 75 euros per square metre, but I'd now give a Christmas discount until the New Year - 65, 60...'' the current landowner Renata Juricic told RTL.

Before the global coronavirus pandemic struck, the largest amount she received was 37 euros per square metre for this piece of Fuzine property, and she's also selling a complex covering a massive 22 thousand square metres. Ever-rising price increases are now the trend.

"Prices have jumped and I'm happy because of that as it proves that this sort of land is as valuable as land located down by the sea, I don't know why there's always been such a difference," said the mayor of Fuzine, David Breglovac.

The owner of Rijeka's largest real estate agency, Branko Papes, also noted that before the coronavirus pandemic in Gorski Kotar, they sold a dozen properties a year, now they're averaging about 50.

"Everything is being sought, from small plots of land for the construction of cottages, apartments, to ready-made houses, and we can say that we're selling real estate worth 15, 20 thousand euros and over 50 thousand euros," said Papes.

These cheaper ones mostly need some serious renovation doing and a lot of them are in pretty bad shape. This sort of story happened with this fairytale house built next to the Risnjak National Park. The owners are from Krk, and they hope to return their investment in a maximum of ten years.

"We bought a cottage from the 1980's and we renovated it and turned it into a five-star house," says the owner of a holiday home in Crni Lug, Tatjana Isakovic.

Fuzine property prices increasing could mean that this often overlooked but truly gorgeous part of the country could become even more of a hit and spread not only tourism but wealth further into the country as opposed to it remaining firmly by the sea and in Zagreb.

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