Wine Talks: Istrian Cossetto Malvasia Tasting Held in Zagreb

By 28 December 2021
Wine Talks: Istrian Cossetto Malvasia Tasting Held in Zagreb
Slobodan Kadic

December 28, 2021 - A guided vertical and horizontal tasting of Istrian Cossetto Malvasia was held at the Zagreb cafe bar "Naša priča" by Flâneur.

That wonderful Malvasia always cheers up a man! Wine Talks were held with Tomislav Stiplošek in collaboration with "Cheers with You" by Nedeljka Krupljan. It was a guided vertical and horizontal tasting of Malvasia by the Istrian winery Cossetto, held at the Zagreb cafe bar "Naša priča" by Flâneur.

We taste wines of different ages, usually of the same variety, producer, or vineyard, by vertical wine tasting. With horizontal tastings. we taste other wines from the same region and vintages from different vineyards, locations, or technologies - explains wine expert Tomislav Stiplošek.


Slobodan Kadic

On this occasion, Malvasia Rustica Cossetto was tasted, harvested in 2018, 2013, 2011, and 2009. It is a wine whose grapes were first dried on the vine and then macerated for two days. After fermentation, the wine was aged in wooden barrels and then in a bottle. Along with Rustica, Malvasia Cossetto of regular vintages from the same years were tasted.

The Cossetto family winery is located in Kaštelir. The family currently has three oenologists: Alfredo and Melinda Cossetto and their daughter Denis, and are focused on producing premium wines for the discerning market and wine connoisseurs.

"Due to a large number of Malvasia wines on the Istrian market, we wanted our Malvasia to be slightly different from others, i.e., we wanted to produce wine from the indigenous variety that will recognize the typicality, and that this wine can withstand longer aging in the bottle," emphasizes Cossetto.

Did they succeed in that? Malvasia Rustica is proof.

"This tasting showed that aged Malvasia has a great aging potential," said Nedeljka Krupljan, adding: "Malvasia of regular vintages of the Cossetto winery is very interesting; only for the one from 2009, I would say that it is on the wane, while the younger ones are still drinkable, but I still recommend drinking them immediately, within a year or two."

When asked which wine, in her opinion, is the winner of the evening, she replied: "In my opinion, definitely Malvasia Rustica from 2009. It surprised me! On the nose, there is a spectrum of aromas of caramel, honey, vanilla; potential for another two to three years."

The audience's reaction to the tasting was, as expected, excellent. Of course, everyone found their favorite, but in general, we can say that most of them liked Malvasia Rustica from 2013.

There was no lack of accompanying snacks - this time, it was platters with cured meat products and cheeses, with bread from Zagreb's favorite craft bakery Bread Club. The basket included bread with toasted sunflower, flax, pumpkin seeds, pain de campagne (T850 flour and 5% rye flour), and focaccia with olive oil.


Slobodan Kadic

"At the 29th Wine Talks, we got a little out of our comfort zone. Again, we did not host a winemaker but focused on wines, this time on two Malvasias, and vertically monitored their aging. This is something we will do as often as possible in the future to get some results and find out if our wines have the potential for longer aging. Judging by Malvasia Rustica, they certainly have. I was personally impressed by Rustica from 2009 - a perfect wine which, unfortunately, is no more - these were the last bottles," concluded Tomislav Stiplošek.

Nedeljka Krupljan is a sommelier of wine and olive oil, a young, enthusiastic woman who lives and loves what she does. She has launched the project "Cheers With You By Nedeljka Krupljan," in which she wants to present Croatian wines of indigenous varieties through a journey of flavors that she is sure will enchant you. This unique experience provides tourists and other interested wine lovers to explore the wine offer, mainly in Istrian villas. Events are also held in Zagreb, in collaboration with G.E.T. Report and Flâneur catering.

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