Google Croatia: What Did Croats Search for Most in 2021?

By 10 December 2021

December the 10th, 2021 - Google Croatia gets God only knows how many searches put into it on a daily basis, from the ordinary to the very weird and wonderful. We can now get a proper insight into just what Croats were busy Googling throughout 2021.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Lucija Spiljak writes, rather unsurprisingly, a very high place is once again occupied by football on Google Croatia, more precisely the terms related to the European Football Championships held in 2021, which were held from the 11th of June to the 11th of July in 11 host cities. In second place are the local elections, while the third place was taken by the popular The Ambassador's Daughter series. The issue od Covid certificates also took a very high place, which isn't a shock.

Google Croatia reveals its most searched terms from across this country throughout 2021:

1. Euro 2020

2. Elections

3. The Ambassador's Daughter

4. COVID certificates

5. Dinamo - Tottenham

6. Census

7. Djordje Balasevic

8. Eurosong (Eurovision)

9. Squid Game

10. Croatia - Russia

Google Croatia's most searched TV series:

1. The Ambassador's Daughter

2. Squid Game

3. Bridgerton

4. Ginny and Georgia

5. Diary of the great Perica (Dnevnik velikog Perice)

6. Outer Banks

7. Bogu iza nogu

8. Gülperi

9. Dar Mar.

10. Melek

Google Croatia's most searched films:

1. South Wind: Acceleration (Juzni vjetar: Ubrzanje)

2. Dune

3. Toma

4. Army of Thieves

5. Red Notice

6. A star is born (Zvijezda je rodjena)

7. Eternals

8. James Bond

9. Venom

10. Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Google Croatia's most searched events:


2. Elections

3. Dinamo - Tottenham

4. Eurosong (Eurovision)

5. Croatia - Russia

6. Croatia - Spain

7. Croatia - Scotland

8. Dinamo - Villarreal

9. Croatia - Czech Republic

10. Olympic Games

Google Croatia's most searched reality TV shows:

1. Marriage at first sight (Brak na prvu)

2. Love is in the countryside (Ljubav je na selu)

3. The cooperative (Zadruga)

4. MasterChef

5. Supertalent

Google Croatia's most searched diets:

1. Liposuction diet

2. Medical diet

3. The 10 percent diet

4. Dukan diet

5. Carbohydrate-free diet

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