False Croatian Covid Certificates Being Purchased for 1000 Kuna

By 29 November 2021
False Croatian Covid Certificates Being Purchased for 1000 Kuna
Lauren Simmonds

November the 29th, 2021 - Much like with everything else in the world, there is always a chance to exploit something and make some quick cash. Croatian covid certificates appear to be no different and have been being issued for payment.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, three middle-aged men told Jutarnji list that they had arranged for fake vaccinations with medical staff in doctor's offices in both Zagreb and Karlovac.

Four categories of citizens can currently obtain Croatian covid certificates: persons who have been vaccinated with the novel coronavirus, those who have returned a recently negative PCR test or rapid antigen test result, and all those who have recovered from COVID-19 no sooner than the eleventh day from the date of their first positive PCR test result.

That is only three groups, you might be thinking. What about the fourth one? Well, the fourth group aren't vaccinated, haven't recovered, and can't be bothered to take ''frequent'' tests, they simply purchased their Croatian covid certificates for cash.

What can be revealed is that the interlocutors of Jutarnji list are three Croatian men aged 35 to 50. One of them went through the whole process and purchased his certificate for 1000 kuna, the others didn't manage to complete the ''job'' entirely.

These Croatian covid certificates have been issued exclusively by medical staff who, in doing so, have committed the criminal offenses of the forgery of documents and the abuse of their positions and authority. The contracting authorities, as well as intermediaries in this "business", are also committing the act of forgery of documents by way of their assistance.

It is impossible to estimate the scale of this type of crime, and as things stand, it appears to be quite large - there is almost no county in Croatia with at least one office where the matter can be "sorted out".

EU digital covid certificates for foreign travel became all but mandatory not so long ago and since November the 16th, Croatian covid certificates have been mandatory for all employees in the public sector and in state and city companies, as well as for the users of these services.

The details surrounding one incident of the ''obtaining'' of a fake certificate are as follows: The nurse authorised the entering of the date of vaccinated persons into the information system, used her position and power, entered this untrue information for two persons that they were vaccinated in August, for which, through a criminal investigation, it was determined that they were not vaccinated at all.''

The procedure is the same as with the usual vaccination process, except that the vaccine is "injected" into thin air and not into an arm, then the person isn't vaccinated but it is entered into the system that they have been. For this reason, such actions are practically unprovable, that is, it is very difficult to track down the perpetrators, reports Jutarnji list.

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