Terme Sveti Martin Wins European Spa Special Jury Award!

By 5 November 2021
Terme Sveti Martin Wins European Spa Special Jury Award!
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November 5, 2021- Terme Sveti Martin has won the European SPA special jury award, proving once again that they are the leaders of continental tourism.

Namely, HRTurizam reports that Terme Sveti Martin received another global recognition and won the prestigious jury award in the "Medical Spa" category awarded by the organization ESPA (European Spas Association). ESPA is an umbrella industrial organization whose global goal is to promote spas in Europe and services based on thermal mineral water, landscape, and climate so that they are available to as many citizens and visitors as possible.

Terme Sveti Martin received this award as an authentic and unique destination in northern Croatia, which over the years has developed into "The first Healthness resort in Europe", a place for relaxation and wellness, sports, and active holidays, with first-class local and organic gastronomy in pristine greenery of nature. The resort has its foundations in the holistic philosophy of Dr. Rudolf Steiner, which encourages guests and employees to change their thinking and bad habits to maintain the balance of body, mind, and spirit and create harmony between man and nature.

This philosophy and Healthness strategy runs through the entire resort, starting from a biodynamic garden full of healthy fruits that have a beneficial effect on physical and mental health, through organic architecture that follows the gentle and wavy lines of hilly Međimurje along with the inner pool complex, all the way to one of the most healing and the oldest waters of Europe. Following in the footsteps of Steiner's words that every man has the potential to heal himself with stimulating stimuli from the environment, they pay special attention to all parts of man's existence in spas.

Terme Sveti Martin represents flourishing continental tourism in the area and the entire destination. Dedicated to local culture, customs, and traditions, but also trends in tourism, they create an excellent example from the practice of how tourism develops, and especially continental tourism.

As the most significant tourism carrier in Međimurje County, Terme Sveti Martin understands the context of the destination and networks all local stakeholders. HRTurizam believes it is an example that colleagues should follow on the Adriatic, especially large hotel chains. The employees are an important driver that makes the company different and competitive, both in the labor market and the business world.

In this way, the spas strengthen their concept, add dimension and value, and appoint their employees as ambassadors of their vision, mission, and strategy. Their employees are the bearers of successful business and the Healthness strategy itself and projects based on sustainable development and nature conservation, which is recognized not only by guests but also partners, other companies, and resorts from the same sector and most influential organizations as ESPA.

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