Zagreb 3rd World City With Highest Air Pollution

By 1 November 2021
Zagreb 3rd World City With Highest Air Pollution
Photo: Erin East/Pixabay

ZAGREB, 1 Nov 2021 - Zagreb was the third city in the world with the highest air pollution on Monday, according to the Swiss IQAir website, which publishes global data on air quality.

Lahore, Pakistan was the city with the most polluted air, with an air quality index of 264, followed by Delhi, India with an air quality index of 198, and Zagreb was third with an air quality index of 183.

Traffic, industry, the heating season, and fog contribute to air pollution.

"Yes, traffic and industry affect the increase of pollution. But the heating season does too. And the weather conditions also contribute," Zvjezdana Bencetić, a professor at the Zagreb Faculty of Science, said recently when asked to comment on the fact that Zagreb is often ranked among cities with high air pollution.

As in recent days, the worst pollutant in Zagreb was the PM2.5 particles, which today were 11.7 times above the World Health Organization guideline value.

These particles are generated by the burning of fossil fuels such as vehicular emissions or the use of wood or coal for heating.

Slavonski Brod is another Croatian city with air pollution problems.

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