Halloween Night Ride: Join the Guided Bike Tour in Kostrena

Halloween Night Ride: Join the Guided Bike Tour in Kostrena
Kostrena Tourist Board (Facebook)

October 29, 2021 - If you are looking for something fun to do on Halloween, and also a great opportunity to exercise, then this Saturday's Halloween Night Ride organized by the Kostrena Tourist Board is the ideal plan for you!

Join the night recreational cycling tour of Kostrena, which will be marked by the popular Halloween. The organizers will not intimidate you, but the night scene and the shadow of the new moon are an ideal stage for a witch dance, this time on bicycles.

According to Turističke Priče, the Tourist Board of Kostrena Municipality in cooperation with the leading promoters of cycling tourism, Promotiv travel outdoor, this Saturday, October 30, 2021, starting at 6 pm, take you on Halloween Night Ride along the moonlit Kostrena to the "terrible" Roman ruins.


Kostrena Tourist Board (Facebook)

After the start in the parking lot in Šetalište kostrenskih pomoraca Street, across the recognizable Kostrena symbol - anchor, where the sighs of sailors can be heard on stormy nights, at least according to the legend, it moves through the terrible forest Žuknica towards Paveki. It continues to Urinje and Sveta Barbara, after which it begins to ascend towards the Sopalj lookout point, next to which are the remains of the prehistoric fort of the same name, which preserves many secrets of the ancient past, and perhaps the occasional Roman spirit ?! After the break, we start the descent towards Kostrena to TZO Kostrena, where you will be greeted by refreshments in the form of cakes and mulled wine, as well as the appropriate scenery.

The ride will be adapted to the conditions and technical requirements of night driving. Disguise yourself as a witch and elves, put on a spider's web, put on a pumpkin-shaped helmet, or simply wear sports clothes.

The tour is intended for recreational athletes with moderate physical condition who can master moderately demanding natural terrain and a length of up to 15 kilometers with a total ascent of about 300 meters.

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