Zagreb Yamaha Music School (YMS) Programme Opens to Music Lovers

By 23 October 2021

October the 23rd, 2021 - The well known Yamaha Music School (YMS) music programme, present today in more than forty countries around the world, has arrived in Zagreb this autumn, at the newly opened school at Tuskanova 37. The new Zagreb Yamaha Music School is already attracting a lot of attention.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Lucija Spiljak writes, on October the 21st, an open day was organised, and those interested had the opportunity to try out the Yamaha Music School's popular singing programmes, acoustic, classical and electric guitars, bass guitars, drums, keyboards and pianos, saxophones, violins and flutes. They were conducted through the programmes by licensed mentors and experts.

The concept of YMS is based on a unique structured curriculum followed by books and materials from beginner to professional level. The feature, as they say from YMS, is group music making and a focus being placed on the creativity and individuality of the participants, and a less traditional approach which, as they claim, often results in a loss of motivation and distancing from music as a subject.

YMS licensor Olja Desic says that the new school is already filling up its existing groups, and they are forming new ones due to the large number of interested people in Zagreb. They already have more than 180 students and there is a growing interest in individual lessons, and the mentors at YMS are happy that people want to develop their musicality.

"There are no non-musical people, only undiscovered talent, and this goes for children, teenagers, and adults. All those who want to bring music back into their lives, for the reason of becoming musicians or just hobbyists. Every motive is a good motive,'' claims Desic.

The new Zagreb Yamaha Music School is therefore intended for all generations - from as early as 1.5 years old, kids can start being educated in all sorts of entertainment fields, and for kids over eight - including adults (without an upper age limit), they have a developed curriculum followed by Yamaha Music Education textbooks; various modern instruments, but also classical ones such as the violin, flute, piano and the classical guitar. Desic also referred to the teachers at the new Zagreb Yamaha Music School. who, as she says, are very carefully chosen.

“The unique method of group teaching for which all our teachers have mastered the necessary competencies, and in which there are written books and sound recordings just for that way of working, is the greatest jewel of YMS, and this is proven every day in practice.

We carefully select the people we want to work with, respecting the set standards of the quality of knowledge, skills, career achievements and, in particular, the personalities needed by YMS. Those who respond to our call have several important steps to access this system, which is extremely quality-controlled: they take an online theoretical and practical exam assessed by a commission in Hamburg, and are required to attend methodological seminars before starting work,'' she said.

The first Yamaha Music School was founded in Japan back in 1954, and to date it has become present in about 40 countries, with more than 6,000 schools, through whose system more than 30 million students have passed so far.

The first Croatian branch was opened in Rijeka in 2019, followed by Cakovec, and now the Zagreb Yamaha Music School is open. YMS Rijeka has grown almost to its full capacity in just two years and currently has about 250 participants, and YMS Cakovec has about 80.

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