Gastronaut Publishes "100 Leading Croatian Restaurants and their Recipes 2021/22"

By 16 October 2021

October 16, 2021 - Gastronaut has released the 26th "100 Leading Croatian Restaurants and their Recipes 2021/22". 

The 26th printed and online Croatian and English edition of the book Restaurant Croatica "100 leading Croatian restaurants and their recipes 2021/22", published by Abisal biblioteka Gastronaut, was solemnly promoted at Botel Marina in Rijeka.

The project "100 leading Croatian restaurants - Restaurant Croatica" has been implemented continuously for 26 years and is the oldest national brand of quality in catering.

100 leading Croatian restaurants - Restaurant Croatica is a project to promote quality in the hospitality industry through annual elections and the publication of an accompanying publication. It was initiated in 1995, and the basic idea was to do market research on which restaurants best meet the needs of guests and highlight the leaders to motivate others to improve the quality of offer and service.

In 1995, the survey covered about 700 restaurants, while in 2020 that number climbed to over 2,400 restaurants. Part of the voting was conducted through, and voters were able to further emphasize the quality of the offer, service, and ambiance. In parallel, the caterers voted with the recommendation of colleagues who are their role models and filled out questionnaires with a detailed description of their offer and service. The final word after reviewing all the materials was given by the Honorary Committee of the project, which announced a new list of 100 leading restaurants presented in the book and guide Restaurant Croatica: "100 leading Croatian restaurants and their recipes 2021/22".

This year, 100 leading Croatian restaurants received Restaurant Croatica plaques and stickers with a QR code that leads to the online edition of the book in Croatian and English, while printed editions can be found at points of sale, or ordered from the publisher via this link.

In the book, restaurants are presented with text, pictures, and recipes of home specialties and information that is worth seeing and experiencing in their surroundings, as well as top products that can be found on the table and destinations with their gastronomic and oenological features.

Among the restaurant's recipes, the new edition of the book also includes stuffed prunes with bacon; gnocchi with smoked skuta cheese; goose liver terrine with blueberry jelly; fried summer strudels; lamb carpaccio; tuna carpaccio and tartar; trganci with sour cream and baked bacon; quiche with goat cheese and dried tomatoes; sea bass fillet in škartoc; squid; lamb tripe; Brač vitalac; beef cheeks in port; lamb chops; venison in wine sauce; salenjaci; chocolate cake made of fresh figs, and more. 

The Restaurant Croatica and Gastronaut projects are the oldest brands of promoting quality in the Croatian hospitality industry, and across 26 years, a total of 497 restaurants were included in Restaurant Croatica, and 6 restaurants defended the title in all 26 years.

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