Quarter of Croats Claim They'd "Never Get Vaccinated Against Covid"

By 10 October 2021

October the 10th, 2021 - The Croatian vaccine rollout is still ongoing, and even though mandatory covid certificates are now firmly in place across health and social care, a quarter of Croats claim that they'd ''never'' get vaccinated against the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, this revelation follows on from the results of a survey published by Eurobarometer. This is a field survey of the barometer of people's attitudes in the 27 member states of the European Union (EU) on the economy, the coronavirus pandemic and the covid vaccination rollout which was conducted in June and July this year.

In what are likely the most interesting results for the Republic of Croatia are those on people's attitudes towards covid vaccination. In the research, they asked respondents from 27 European Union countries when they would like to receive their covid vaccine, ie whether they have already received it or not.

Looking at the European Union's average, 69 percent of respondents said they would like to be vaccinated as soon as possible or that they have already received the vaccine. 9 percent of respondents said they would like to receive the vaccine this year, 11 percent said “later,” and 10 percent said “never”.

That doesn't seem particularly outstanding, but the numbers for Croatia are much more devastating. This country is at the very bottom of the scale of interest in the covid vaccine, and a large number of Croats claim they'd never get the vaccine.

In as many as 22 European Union member states, more than half of the respondents say they want to be vaccinated as soon as possible or have already been vaccinated, led by Malta, the Netherlands and Ireland (87 percent), Belgium (86 percent), Spain (85 percent) and Sweden. (84 percent) and Denmark (83 percent). It's worth mentioning that even though the UK is no longer a member of the bloc, it is one of the European countries with the most impressive vaccination rates of all, with a massive 45 million people having been fully vaccinated at the time of writing this article.

Unfortunately, Croatia is on the other side of the vaccine spectrum, where the countries where people least want to get vaccinated are. Namely, about a quarter of the respondents from Bulgaria, Latvia, Slovenia and Croatia said that they never want to be vaccinated against covid. The fact that Croats claim this is odd indeed, given the fact that restrictions in the country have been extremely mild and yet many have done nothing but complain.

Among the four aforementioned EU countries, Bulgaria is the worst (26 percent of Bulgarian respondents don't want to be vaccinated at all), followed by Latvia and Slovenia with 24 percent and Croatia with 22 percent, as reported by Index.

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