Two Million Croatian Covid Certificates Issued to Residents So Far

By 27 September 2021
Two Million Croatian Covid Certificates Issued to Residents So Far
Lauren Simmonds

September the 27th, 2021 - An enormous amount of Croatian covid certificates have been issued to residents of the country so far, proving that the holder is fully vaccinated against the novel virus, that they have contracted and since recovered from it, or that they have had a recently issued negative test result.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, in a period of almost four months, no difficulties or errors in the work of issuing Croatian covid certificates were recorded, and residents who have been vaccinated, who have proof of recovery or who have a recent negative rest result managed to get their document with ease.

EU digital COVID certificates in the Republic of Croatia are currently issued by more than 8,500 unique issuers, of which 450 are employees of the Croatian Health Insurance Fund (HZZO), 4,000 employees of testing laboratories, inluding the Croatian Institute of Public Health (HZJZ) and 4,500 employees of various pharmacies.

The application for Croatian covid certification is easy to use for both publishers and people who wanted to download their unique certificate themselves online. Positive experiences also resulted in increased interest in the e-Citizens (e-Gradjani) platform, whose number of users increased by 120,000 users over this period, and this time more than 600,000 of those people obtained their confirmation from the platform.

There is also great interest in the CovidGO mobile application (app), which has been downloaded from app stores more than 300,000 times to date. CovidGO is used to validate and store Croatian covid certificates in a digital wallet, and due to the growing number of requests for these certificates in everyday life, people naturally want an app that allows their document to be always at hand, securely stored in a digital wallet. That said, you can print yours, or download it and keep it on your phone without a need for the app.

The central information point when it comes to EU digital COVID certificates is still the website, which has been visited by more than a million unique users since the 1st of June, 2021.

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