No Covid Certificate? No Entry into Croatian Hospitals, Except in One Case

By 26 September 2021

September the 26th, 2021 - You won't be able to enter Croatian hospitals unless you have a covid certificate, regardless of who you are and even if you work there as a medic, with the exception of just one particular circumstance.

Croatian Health Minister Vili Beros has been quite clear in his recent messages issued to the country's healthcare workers - if you don't have a covid certificate proving you're either fully vaccinated or have a recently obtained negative test result, don't bother coming into work. While he has stated that testing for those who don't want the vaccine will be free for a while, that won't continue for long, and they therefore have a choice to make.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes and as N1 has since unofficially found out, aside from this being needed for healthcare workers and employees in other activities within Croatian hospitals, all hospital patients, except in cases of emergency, will have to have their obligatory covid certificate proving that they have previously contracted the novel coronavirus and since recovered, have been fully vaccinated against it or have a very recently obtained negative test result.

The profession has prepared two documents in this regard, the first is already known and has been discussed quite extensively - these are the mandatory covid certificates for employees within Croatian hospitals (regardless of whether or not they're medical staff) and the healthcare system itself, and the second concerns hospital patients coming for treatment.

As N1 unofficially learned from the Ministry of Health - everything is now ready for the mandatory introduction of covid certificates for all non-emergency patients at Croatian hospitals. Therefore, only those who have been vaccinated, have had coronavirus and have since recovered, or those with a negative test will be able to enter the hospital for examinations, scans, treatments etc.

To prove that this time he is thinking and speaking very seriously, Minister Vili Beros has warned unvaccinated healthcare workers and those who don't want to frequently test for the virus - absence from work will not be paid.

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