Vitomir Maricic Breaks Guinness World Record by Walking Underwater for 4 Minutes

By 19 September 2021

September the 19th, 2021 - The very skilled Croatian diver Vitomir Maricic has broken the Guinness World Record by walking underwater for four entire minutes in just one breath in a swimming pool in Opatija, Kvarner.

For such a small country, the Republic of Croatia certainly delivers the world some amazing talent across a very wide variety of fields, from science and medicine to sport, athletics and everything in between. From Rudjer Boskovic (science) to Luka Modric (football), this Adriatic country continues to impress the international public through the ages. Vitomir Maricic from Rijeka is the latest Croatian name to pop up as he breaks records.

As Morski writes, the Rijeka freediver Vitomir Maricic has officially broken the world record in the longest underwater walk done in one single breath. He took on this Guinness World Record challenge as part of the very first Croatian Congress of Preventive and Sports Medicine and Cardiac Rehabilitation which began in the beautiful coastal town of Opatija.

Vitomir Maricic breathed more than four lengths of the entire pool belonging to the Thalassotherapia Special Hospital for the Medical Rehabilitation of Heart, Lungs and Rheumatism in Opatija, which lasted a little more than four minutes.

Despite his success and his breaking of this amazing world record, there is no rest for the owner of the new Guinness World Record, because he is already travelling with the national team to Cyprus for the World Deep Diving Championships.

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