Pag Cadastral Land Survey Set to Begin in Large Island Project

By 19 September 2021

September the 19th, 2021 - The Pag cadastral land survey is set to begin as part of a large island project which will be divided into two separate phases, which will last for years to come.

As Morski writes, the Council of the City of Pag has given its consent for the conclusion of the Agreement of the City of Pag with the State Geodetic Administration. It was said at the session that the Pag cadastral land survey is an extremely important project for Pag and it will be worked on for a longer period of time.

''This will be the beginning of the realisation of the large and long-awaited land cadastral survey project covering the entire City of Pag, from Misković to Simun,'' the Mayor of the City of Pag, Ante Fabijanic, told the local Radio Pag.

''This is a large project that is going to be divided into two phases. In the first phase, which will last for about two years, a cadastral survey of Pag's construction areas will be done, and in the second phase, which will last for about seven years, a cadastral survey of Pag's agricultural land will be done. This project is important for the inhabitants of all settlements in the City of Pag, because their land will be cadastrally regulated, but it is also important because the survey will determine the boundaries of maritime domain, the coastal zone and it will also determine the boundaries of unclassified roads,''

In order to initiate the Pag cadastral land survey, the City Council should also make a decision on amending the budget. The value of the first phase of cadastral survey is 11 million kuna. Of this amount, 60 percent will be provided from the state budget, and 40 percent will be provided by the City of Pag, meaning that the City of Pag will be an intermediary in concluding contracts with landowners. Mayor Fabijanic added that, in accordance with the law, citizens will be invited to participate in the proceedings.

According to the Law on State Surveys and Real Estate Cadastre, and according to the Ordinance on Cadastral Survey, cadastral surveys are the collection and processing of all of the necessary data for the purpose of establishing cadastral parcels, registering buildings, and recording special legal regimes on land and the use of it.

Cadastral surveying is an extremely important procedure for every owner/possessor of any land or buildings and everyone should, primarily for the protection of their rights, participate in the procedure. The aim of the Pag cadastral land survey is to put the land parcels in proper order and to clearly determine the boundaries between the land parcels. The participation of the island's landowners in the survey procedure is important, because the cadastral survey will confirm the existing right to the land.

The owners of land and buildings can only protect their rights to that land by engaging in these proceedings. Participation in the Pag cadastral land survey procedure primarily means the regular monitoring of public announcements related to this procedure, marking out the boundaries of your property, checking the cadastral study and, if necessary, filing objections in a timely manner.

Special attention is needed in the process of presenting the study. In that part of the procedure, the holder of the right of possession must confirm that the data has been presented to them and sign a statement confirming that they agree with the data presented in the census sheet and with the excerpt from the cadastral plan, with the coordinates of the cadastral parcel included.

The presented census sheet from the cadastral plan should, in this case, be inspected extremely carefully, and if necessary, the advice of certified surveyors can be sought. No part of the cadastral survey procedure should be neglected.

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