Roman Abramovich Sails 600 Million Dollar Yacht to Croatian Waters

By 19 September 2021

September the 19th, 2021 - Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich is no stranger to Croatia, his love for it made quite clear with his frequent arrivals here on one of his jawdropping vessels. The man often described as Russia's richest is in Croatia once again, on his 600 million US dollar yacht.

As Morski writes, Russian billionaire and owner of the Chelsea football club Roman Abramovich sailed into Croatian waters on his new luxury yacht Solaris recently.

The imposing vessel for which the richest man in Russia paid around 600 million USD was filmed in the sea near Croatia's southernmost city of Dubrovnik, more precisely just across from Plat in Zupa Dubrovacka (Dubrovnik Parish), as reported by

For a man whose fortune is estimated to stand at a whopping 18 billion dollars, the price he paid for this vessel isn't a big slice of the cake, and "My Solaris" is one of the eight yachts he has on his property card and is the most expensive of all he currently owns, but it isn't the most expensive he's ever had.

Roman Abramovich's current yacht of choice is otherwise one of the most advanced vessels of today and was being built for six whole years in order to satisfy all of his specific desires. The yacht was built for exploration purposes and is equipped with ABB energy management technology. It is 140 metres long and has as many as 48 cabins, a heliport, a swimming pool, a gym, restaurants and more.

His most expensive yacht so far was the Eclipse, which cost about half a billion dollars. The yacht "Eclipse" is already a well-known guest in the Dubrovnik archipelago and was last filmed there back in May this year. The annual maintenance of this extravagant vessel alone costs an incredible 60 million dollars, and it takes more than a million dollars to fill its tank.

Roman Abramovich is very rarely snapped by cunning photographers during a walk through Dubrovnik along Stradun, because he prefers hidden coves and more privacy. Russia's richest man can be seen more often on the nearby islands of Mljet or Sipan.

He came here with his first wife Irina, and immediately after he divorced her in 2007 in one of the most expensive divorce lawsuits ever, it was in Dubrovnik that he appeared in public for the first time, with his now ex-second wife, Russian businesswoman Dasha Zhukova.

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